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Monday, September 3, 2012

New collage sheet for my blog followers! shabby pink roses!

 Hello Friends!
  I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend! We sure are! We've done some relaxing, had a bunch of friends over last night, and plan on having a leisurely day today! (I think I may do a video later, so make sure to check back for that)
  I'm late getting the free digital collage sheet out this week....I'm going to try to get them sent out of Friday's so you all have a chance to play with them over the weekend.

 To receive  the free digi sheet, you need to be a follower and subscribe to my blog. To subscribe, just click the word posts over there -------> at the has a little Orange icon by it...then click the subscribe by atom link...then when the new page opens up subscribe by email. When you're all done email me at so i can send you the digi. If you received the Thanksgiving Digi from last week, I already have your email and will automatically send you the new digi's every week or two. That's all you have to do.

 I'd love for you to Friend me on Facebook and posts pics of the projects you make on my page!

 Here's a simple little card I made with this weeks digi...the sentiment is stamped on and not part of the image. You can make cards with these as I di, or use them as journaling cards for your mini pretty and shabby chic.

 I sell the actual card part in my Zibbet shop if you are interested those as well.

 Thanks so much for taking a peek at my blog! Warmly, Misty


  1. Misty, this is a beautiful collage sheet. Thank you so much! I love your collages.

  2. Thanks Misty, I've followed and subscribed by +yahoo and emailed you. Can't wait to get my first digi file from you. You are amazing! Love this card too!

  3. I am glad you had a great summer...I didn't get much done in the way of crafts, but now back to it...My hubby got me the laser printer I wanted. it is very is made by I have been having fun. thank you Misty for everything you've ever done for me..blessings, v I also am subscribed and to both blog, fb and've come a long way girl, remember your 1st video? I knew you'd do well and so happy for you....

  4. Glad I found your blog! Your projects are amazing :)

  5. Hi Misty...

    I am already a follower and apparently also a subscriber! When I went to subscribe by email it told me I was already subscribed. Unfortunately, I have not received one collage sheet from you! :( I am going to email you as well to make sure that I have crossed every T and dotted every I. I love your collage sheets! Off to email you now! Hugs

  6. Thanks Everyone! I am having such a good time doing these projects and giving away the digi's! Glad you all are enjoying them!