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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How we made my island for my scrap sudio

Hello Friends! I wanted show you how we made the island that sits in the middle of my scrap studio. I'm just going to give you a brief description, because we actually followed this tutorial
and it explains it better than I ever could!

We started with the top. I was very fortunate to be able to find a beautiful beveled edge black quartz island top on craigslist for $250.00! This retails for at least $1500.00 and would've totally been out of my budget if I had to pay that.  You can purchase counter top  fairy inepensively at Lowes or Home Depot.

Then we purchased 4 24 inch stock cabinets (Also from Home depot) W bought the unfinished wood ones and painted them ourselves. We used 2 drawer cabinets and 2 regular cabinets. We screwed these together and set them in place. I chose bead board to cover the back and sides. I like the look and it coordinates with the bead board on the walls in the adjoining dining room. (directions are on the video) . My wonderful hubby added trim at the bottom and corner piece to finish it off.

My Fabulous husband screwing the cabinets together!

I love this island.....but I wish I had left some space for legs...I'm adjusting to it though and have found that I'm up and down so much grabbing supplies, that I stand up most of the time anyway (Plus, you burn more calories standing than sitting lol)
So, that's how we made the was actually pretty easy peasy!


  1. Great island. Beautiful top. You really scored with that top. Enjoy your beautiful space. If you are up to it watch my video of the island my husband built me on my youtube channel: anallanes02. Happy crafting. ANA

  2. this is my favorite part of your room! I love the look of it and you all did a great job.