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Monday, September 10, 2012

New Free Shabby chic collage sheet available

Hello Friends! I have this weeks collage sheet ready to go!
 I made a cute little notepad for my kitchen. These would make great little gifts (I'm thinking ahead to Christmas!)

 If you haven't already signed up to receive my collage sheets, you can do so by clicking the button over there---> with the ornage Icon that says "Posts"   then subscribe by "Atom"....then when the new window pops up subscribe by email.
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 So here's what I made! I just inked the chipboard with vintage photo distress ink and sealed it with Matt medium. Then I cut the copy paper and punched holes in the paper and the chipboard. It's bound with Vintage garment pins...super easy!

Victorian Chipboard pages:

Victorian mats:

Vintage garment pins:
 *****One more thing....once a collage sheet has expired (when a new one is offered) it is no longer available for free....but it can be purchased in my shop for less than 2 dollars. Thanks!****


  1. I have attempted to send you an email, but I think the address posted above is not right...I added a .com on the end - hope that works.
    Thanks Julie

    1. Hi Julie,
      Leave your email address in the comments, or email me through the link above and I'll get you added to the list... (I added the com lol!)

  2. I'm subscribed, but I don't seem to get the collage it something I'm doing maybe?

    email is

  3. Hi Misty,
    I would love to receive your free images. My email addy is I love that image and your shop. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I would love to recieve your free images, my email is

  5. Love your images! I'm teena,

    1. Hi Teena! I tried to send it to the email you gave...but it bounced back...Is there another email I can send it to? If so, can you email me at from that address? Thanks so much! Misty

  6. Beautiful!! I would love to make one as lovely as yours. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Hi Misty,
    I just found your Youtube Videos and they are awesome. Love your minis. I can't wait to get my collage sheets. Thank you for the gift and sweet gesture :)Laura