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Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Twinchies!" For those of us who think inchies are just to darn small! lol

 Hello Friends!
  Yesterday I started out to make my first "inchie"  From what I understand an inchie is just a little 1 inch x 1 inch piece of art. They are really big in swaps right now (no pun intended ) So anyway, I sit down in my studio and get ready to play...ummm 1 in x 1 in is reeeeeaaaalllly small! Too small for my 40 year old eyes, so i made some "Twinchies" lol They are 2 inch x 2 inch and way easier for me to work with!

 I think these will make really fun aditions to my mini albums...they kind of remind me of Prima's chipboard stickers.

 Here are my first attempts! You can view a video here:

The 2 x 2 fancy chipboard and cardstock pieces will be available in my Zibbet shop. they will come in a cute little alterable lunchbox!

 Collage sheet:


  1. I love these. So fun and inspiring!

  2. I laughed at the no pun intended remark ;)
    the twinchies are too cute. I've gotta try it!

  3. Lovely! Brown and blue is one of my favorite color combinations! I'll be watching the video as soon as I can...can't wait!...Nancy :o)