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Friday, August 24, 2012

Free collage sheet a week for my followers who subscribe

 Hello Friends!
  I have a new little give away I'm doing! This is how it works....
 You must be a Follower AND subscribe to my blog. To subscribe, you just click the little button on the right that says "posts" and has the little orange box. When you subscribe you will receive an email notification when I a post.
 Once you do that, when you get the email that I'm offering a free collage sheet, just hop over and click my email link (this will be in the post) and type free collage sheet in the email. That's it!
  I know a lot of you are already followers, so just subscribe (it's easy, it will walk you through it...just pick the email option, I believe it's at the bottom of the box. You'll understand when you see it!
 Sooooooo, if you have done all that, email me at to receive a collage sheet with this adorable vintage Thanksgiving image.
....the cute card shape will be available in my Zibbet store this evening...

                                                Thanks so much! I appreciate you all!


  1. Hi Misty,
    It's Dekida and I am now a follower at work as well as home. I love all your work and your store as well.

    1. Yay! Thanks Dekida!
      Make sure to subscribe so you get notifications for the freebies...then click my email link and type freebie or something into the title of the email so I can send it to you.

  2. Thanks for being so generous! I always love it when I see a new post in my inbox!

  3. This ia so cool!!! Thanks for sharing, Debbie

  4. Thank you for being so generous. This is so sweet of you to do. I did it I hope its right. I put in my email so I think it is.This one is beautiful.!

    1. Lisa, make sure to email me through the email link in the post so I have your email and can send the PDF. Thanks!

  5. love you lil collages they are so pretty Theresa