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Saturday, February 11, 2012

NEW spectrum Noir colors!!

I'm so excited! Spectrum Noir will start shipping their new colors some time in March! There are 4 new sets of 24 alcohal markers....none of these are duplicates of the first release. So if you bought the first 72 markers and love them, these are ALL NEW COLORS!   I'm offering them on presale and will ship as soon as I get them. They retail for $49.95 for 24.....I'm offering them on presale for $42.95 per set plus $6.00  shipping. If you buy multiple sets I can adjust the shipping price. I think I should be able to fit all 4 new sets in a medium flatrate box for $12.00 shipping
 Spectrum Noir Markers are alcohal markers (copics are also alcohal markers) They are great for coloring stamped and digital images. This link will take you to a youtube video I made using these. They are so fun to work with! You will love them and the price can't be beat! (copics sell for $6.00 each! Ouch!)
24 Pastels



24 Brights


24 Darks

24 Lights



Purchase all 4 sets (96 markers) for $160.00.   (you save $40 off of the retail price!)

12 packs of 6 Spectrum Noir Markers! These are great alcohal markers (copics are alcohal markers too) This is a great deal...they usuall retail for $11.95 a pack! (these are the first duplicates)

Turn around may be 1.5 to 2 weeks.....probaly sooner, but I want you to be prepared! :)
Us customers 99.99 + $12.00 shipping


  1. Hi Misty,

    I am so excited about these markers! I would like all of the them. The pastels, the brights, the darks and the lights!! Are they still available???

    I am also interested in the first 12 pack of 6 if they are available too.

    Please let me know. I will be ready to order no later than Tuesday!!!

    p.s. I also am interested in the tags and distessing kit that you showed.

    1. Hi Yvonne!
      They are still available, but won't be in until mid to late March. If you want to order them, let me know and I can invoice you. I can't wait until they get in! I just have the first release which were the 12 packs of six.

  2. Hi Misty!!! Thank you so much for the quick reply!! It is okay that I wait until mid March as long as I have them ordered!! Invoice me for all of them, the first release 12 packs of six, and all of the new ones (brights, lights, darks, and pastels). I also want to order the Tim Holtz Distress Kit, and the 15 mini file folders. I can't wait to use these Markers!! Have I told you lately how AWESOME I think you are for sharing all of this with us??? Thanks you!!

    1. Thanks Yvonne! You are so sweet! I'll go ahead and invoice you for the markers and file folders/ distress kit seperately....that way you don't have to wait untill march for the other goodies. I'm going to have to kind of guess on the shipping....I'll reimburse if there's any overage. Thanks! Warmly, Misty