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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Easy Peasy No sew No glue lace flowers

I may have a new addiction! (if you want to see a youtube tutorial, click here   )
These lace flowers are so fun and easy, and require no glue to assemble. (welllll....okay, you need just a dot of glue to add your center pearl, bling or whatever, but none to assemble the flower itself.)
 Okay, all you need is Lace, craft wire, wire cutter and if your wire is kind of thick, a pair of pliers.
Cut about a 3 inch piece of craft wire. The thinner the better....but I used this thicker kind and it worked just fine. Cut your end at an angle so you have a sharper point to work with.

For a fluffy flower like the one above, fold the ribbon in half long ways.

Next, using the wire like a needle and thread, weave the ribbon onto the wire (like sewing a simple running stitch....over and under, over and under)

Do this until all of the ribbon is on the wire.

Then, pull the ends togther close to the ribbon and twist them to hold the lace on
Snip off ends....leaving the twisty part

Using pliers, bend the twisted tail all the way to the bottom (underside) of the flower

Then this is what you end up with....keep scrolling, not done yet!

Now, pull the layers apart, fluffing your flower.

Just add a center and you're done! Doesn't get much easier than that!
 Thanks for stopping by! Warmly, Misty  Here are a couple of the flowers I made....oh, and the longer the ribbon, the fluffier the flower....just play with it and see what you like!


  1. These are stunning lace flowers.. thanks for showing us how you made them...

  2. Thank you! You are so welcome!

  3. I love these flowers, I am subscribed to your u tube channel and saw the video. Am now following you on here. Thanks for the videos thay're great :)

  4. Lace flowers are most likely your favorite embellishment! I follow your blog.