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Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Filofax Personal Holborn planner / binder set up as a wallet

 Hello Friends! I've been living in my new Filofax Holborn for a couple of weeks now and I love it! The leather is beautiful and it works perfectly as a wallet for me. So, here's my set up for now as I'm sure it will evolve over time. I have a few tips and thrifty tricks that I've make sure to read through the comments under the pictures :)
Beautiful Leather Holborn (Personal size)
I have a pocket size Filofax and for me it is to small. The personal works great for me.
The Holborn has nice size rings and flexible leather,,,you can stuff a lot into this thing! I said, it has great "stuffability" lol
In the front I have my credit cards, drivers licence, insurance card etc.
The right side is a handmade laminated divider. My Coleto pen is to fat for the leather pen holder so, I attached 2 small binder clips to the divider to make a pen holder. the little plastic hook thingie (yes, that is the technical term) fits right in there. The binder clips are decorated with a bit of washi tape.

This first section is labeled "Nutrition"
I keep track of my food and exercise here.

...calorie counts

...workouts....pretty flyleaf/dashboard I made. They are clear with the image printed can attach sticky notes etc,,,

another pretty flyleaf

These decorative edged Laminated dividers are available in my shop.
This next section is my calendar 

Next is planning stuff

Another laminated divider.

This section has shopping lists

Little laminated pocket I made with design paper.

...divider with image from my shop.

This is kind of fun....I just attached an image I printed on card stock with washi tape to make a pocket for scratch paper. The scratch paper is held together with a pretty paper clip I made.

The pretty paper on the right came from one of those paper pads that stick to your refrigerator. They come in so may pretty patterns! They make me happy when I open my planner lol 
(Just punched holes and plopped them in)

This is a great tip (If I do say so myself) These great vinyl pockets were $1.50 for 3 at Office Depot. They are Pocket protectors! I just cut the little front flap off and punched holes.
This one holds my receipts

This card holders holds all the gift cards I need to use and my reward cards

This pocket holds store coupons

The pocket on the right holds restaurant coupons

The Holborn has a hidden zipper compartment...this is where I keep my cash and change.
So, That's it for now. if you have a minute, pop into my store and check out my dividers :)


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