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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay, so I was messing around in my studio, just trying different things and came up with this sooo fun technique. (I'm not under the delusion that I invented this lol...I've just never seen it done and so it's new to me!)
 I just did an embossing challenge (one of the few times I've ever used my embossing plates) where I inked up my plates, ran them through the cutter and come up with a cool background for my card.
 So I finished the card and my tattered angels caught my eye, so I thought hmmm I would love to have an embossed background with this is what I did:
I grabbed my cardstock mat, sizzix embossing plate, tattered angels and a paper towel.
With a sweeping motion, spray plate 2 or 3 times over a trash can

Place cardstock on sprayed plate

Cover with paper towel to protect the rest of your "sandwich" of layers.
Run this through your machine 2 or 3 times

...and voila! A pretty sparkly mat for your card or scrapbook!
I just made a video if you'd like to view that as well! Thanks for viewing, and I'd love if you'd follow my blog. ~Misty

Here's the link to my Youtube Video

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