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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scrappy yard sale haul and Spectrum Noir storage

 Hello friends!
 Last Saturday as I was running around trying to get ready for our Easter celebration, I ran across a couple of garage sales. So of course I had to stop and see what treasures where there waiting for me. Now mind you, this was later in the morning, around 11:30ish, so my expectations were not high. However, i was most pleasantly surprised! I came upon a table filled with these yummy laces and yardage of the perfect shabby chic blue yardage of all these colors and textures. I'd say there are close to 5- yards of ribbon and 2 yards of fabric and all it cost me was $3.00! I was practically giddy thinking of all the things I could do with these treasure!

Then, right next door there was another sale...I love 2 for 1's! There I found this very unique Spectrum Noir marker storage.
It's original use was as a counter top humidor in a cigar shop! This is the front, the part that would be facing the customer on the counter.

This is the back. I took off the door, just unscrewed the hinges. The door was attached at the bottom and latched at the top where you see the little gold piece. I wanted it to always be open so I can just grab what i need. The little cubbies are just the perfect size and I'm thrilled! This cost me $5.00.
I find the most wonderful embellishments at yard and tag sales.
What's the best scrappy thing you've found while out searching for treasures? I'd love to hear!
I made a video on this haul if you'd like to peek!
 Also, I just got in a large Prima order...there are a lot of Fairy Belle items and different 6 x 6 pads etc....go check it out! Oh, also, I have some Spectrum Noirs in stock as well, just came in yesterday!



  1. Wow! I just love lace sooooo much.

  2. That is an amazing marker holder, I love that. Well done!