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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter at the Christensen's

  Hello Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We sure did!
 My boys are 13 and 16, but still do the egg hunt. I think they are just doing it so they don't break their Momma's heart! ....and because we do money eggs lol
My youngest Kevin.....can never get a good picture of this kid!

My oldest Brendan protecting his goodies from our 2 naughty dogs

Brendan and his basket

                         My handsome husband and Kevin counting eggs
 Kenny laughing because they are both counting and saying different numbers..

   In the afternoon we had family and friends over to grill, swim and enjoy the day. I always do a HUGE egghunt with hundreds of eggs in the backyard....but sadly all the kids are getting too really does break my heart! Happily I still have nieces that are young so we get to continue the tradition. I got the teenagers to play along by hiding $1.00 in 10 of the eggs. I thought this was a wonderful idea....until I saw those knuckleheads cracking open the eggs and looking for the money, then throwing them back when there wasn't any lol. That's okay! That just left more eggs for the little ones.
                    Trevor and Kevin looking for eggs in the backyard.
                        Brooke found a way to carry her extra eggs lol
                       She is so Pretty!.....and she's sweet too! (my niece)
 My sister in law Robin stealing Brooke's candy...notice the bulging cheek?lol
                                My Nephew Cole hopin' for some $$$
 Trevor, my youngests "brother by another mother" and Kevin they have been best buds since before they can remember...I consider him one of mine!
 Brendan is my oldest baby.....makes me want to cry thinking that he'll be off to school in a couple short years!
 Kennedy my niece and my mom Jeannie searching through the eggs.
 I hope you all had as wonderful of a day as we did!


  1. Awesome photos Misty! What a great family you have! Love the backyard too.

  2. Misty, how fun is this. Never too old to go easter egg hunting and love how she carried more in her shirt loll. i would do that too trust me lol.. thanks for sharing your wonderful day

  3. Beautiful family. Glad you had a wonderful Easter! :)